“(…) There are not that many books… or it’s nice to find books that aren’t so simple, as having a story that begins and ends, and even though – a phone book, begins at A and ends at 9… or Z, it’s still not-linear in the way that you are meant to interact with it… and yeah, I dunno know, I feel like that’s quite a nice metaphor for the nonlinearity of this project, of this like flipping, this fading in and out, it’s like what you do when you open a phone book, and when you use it, right – when you open it, you never land on the page you want… you always have to go back and forth and narrow it down. I thinks it’s that sort of tactility, that I think, this can speak of (…)” – Joel Colover

Piñatakothek is made by Sabo Day and Line-Gry Hørup in Los Angeles, January-Feburary 2017.

© 2017